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Topic Getting a tattoo licence...
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Swamp is Wanting to find info on getting a tattoo licence for NSW...
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Swamp wrote a new tattoos forum topic Getting a tattoo licence...
8 years ago
Swamp is Wanting to find info on getting a tattoo licence for NSW...
Basic Information
Name: Swamp Thang
Birthday: Mar. 13, 1985 (33 years old)
Gender: Male
About me: Hay there.
Call me Swamp Thang.
I have been Designing tattoos for friend for a few years now with tribal and comic styles, I only recently got my first tattoo and am getting more soon. I'd also like to take up tattooing as a full time job, but I don't know how to get a licence in Australia (If anyones does know, please e-mail me).
I have this many tattoos: 1 (so far...)
My most recent tattoo was done in: Byron Bay N.S.W.
My first tattoo was: A tally marking the 7 deadly sins on the inside of my left arm. I'm a big fan of all 7.
The sexiest tattoos are: I've always had a thing for cute girls with ink, but I find a design frlowing down a girls side very sexy.
Boring/ugly/stupid/out of fashion tattoos are: Celtic/Gailic bands.
Barbed wire.
Family names.
My favorite tattoo styles: I really dig tribal art, as well as manga, comic, industrial and street art styles.
My favorite tattoo artists: Don't really know of many. But I'll be boring and say Kat Von D for now (just till I get to know a few more)
Tattoo conventions I've been to: None so far.
Tattoo removals I've had done: None.
Other body modifications: 1 ear peirced.
Contact Information
Country: Australia
Website URL: available for premium members
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