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cheekykiwitattoo is Ink'n from head to toe!
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Tattoo Studio Information
Tattoo studio name: Cheeky Kiwi Tattoo
About the tattoo studio: We're a new studio based in Christchurch New Zealand. With Two artists, Len 30yrs experience and Jess 5yrs experience. Looking to take our buisness to the next level in Tattooing offering full custom work of any design or style, our name and logo says it all!
Contact Information
Street Address: 181 Union St Sth Brighton
City: Christchurch
Zip code: 8061
Country: New Zealand
Phone Number: available for premium members
Tattoo Studio Details
Year we opened for business: 2009

Year we opened at our current location: 2009

Languages we speak: English,

Tattoo-related services we offer: Tattooing

Artists who work at our studio: Len (owner) , Jess (manager)

Book an appointment here: available for premium members

What kind of people come into our tattoo studio? People of all shapes, sizes and colour who want ink. Family and friends.

What are our most popular types of tattoos?
What are the recent tattoo trends we're seeing?
New school, old school. Lettering

Have we ever refused to do a tattoo? No

What is the minimum age a person can be
to get a tattoo at our studio?

What days are we open? What is the best
time to come in to get a tattoo?
Tues-Sat 11am-6pm. After hours appointments available

Will we tattoo pregnant women? No.

Do we allow pets in our tattoo studio? No.

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