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His/Her matching Tatts

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So my fiancee & me wanna get matching tatts, but can't agree on anything. Styles r different and he's more risky & wild. Help me please! We like lions, tigers, skulls & butterflies (me)!

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You should check out our tattoo pictures gallery -- we have lots of pics of all these things. Check them out:


Lion tattoos


Tiger tattoos


Skull tattoos


Butterfly tattoos


Hopefully by looking at these images you'll be able to compromise on a great design that suits both of you!


Best of luck,

Miss Kittens


PS -- We have a custom tattoo design service here, where you can work with one of our professional tattoo artists to create just what you want, after you know what it is. More info and request form here:


Design Your Own Tattoo


Best of luck!


~Miss Kittens

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If you both have two different styles just get simple words or something from a book, song, or a movie. That's what me and my husband did because we both like different styles of tattoos competely.

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hello u 2 lovebirds should get an amieagram which is a word you can read 2 ways upside down n rightside up. i may have not spelled it right or if not get ur anniversary date in just numbers

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