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Unique Masculine Fleur De Lis

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I'll be visiting my hometown New Orleans in a couple of weeks.  I want to get a Fleur De Lis on my left upper arm, but can't seem to find a design that I like.  They really all look the same, the ones that I've seen.

I'm thinking of a design, possibly incorporating NOLA, inconspicuously somwhere in the design, and maybe keeping it in a clean circular type design?  Black and Grey.  I don't want it very big, maybe 3 inches.

Any ideas?  Or maybe info on how I could pay someone online to design for me?  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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there are a group of artists on this website who can design you something...for a small fee.


or you can get to it by going to the main page...all the way down at the bottom where it says "design your own tattoo"

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