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shanes work
Updated 8 years ago
more work
Updated 8 years ago
slinging shane...
slinginshane is sling n ink
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Last Update:8 years ago
Signup Date:Jul. 25, 2009
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8 years ago
slinginshane created a new album: shanes work
Basic Information
Name: Shane
Birthday: Apr. 19, 1986 (32 years old)
Gender: Male
About me: Im 23 years old and love to tattoo. ipicked up a gun 2 years ago and tried it out, i liked it so i just keeped practicing and gotten very good at it. I live in Los Molinos, Ca
I have this many tattoos: about 30
My most recent tattoo was done in: June 2009
My first tattoo was: My last name acrossed my back
My favorite tattoo styles: many different styles
Contact Information
Street Address: 7943 Hwy 99 east
City: Los Molinos
State/Province: California
Zip code: 96055
Country: United States
Phone Number: available for premium members
Tattoo Artist Details
I specialize in these tattoo styles: Dark Images, New School, Old School / Traditional, Symbols, Writing / Script / Kanji,

I have worked at these tattoo studios: none yet wored out of my home

Languages I speak: English,

Tattoo Artist Interview Questions:

Who are you? slinging Shane Ables

What do you stand for? Slinging Ink

What gets you excited? tattooing

Why did you choose to become a tattoo artist? Just tried it out one day and liked it so Ijust keeped practiceing

How and when did you start tattooing? tried it out inApril 2007

Describe your creative workspace: I have a room in my house set up for tattooing

How would someone who watched you at work
describe you?
very clean and well focused

What do you think is unique about the way you work? very steady and light handed

What do you collect? raiders stuff

Three favorite things to do: tattooing,spending time with wife and kids,livin life

What gets you out of bed in the morning? my wife

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