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Denver Tattoo Convention: Serving the Scene in the Mile High City

The Denver tattoo scene is growing at a pace that demands attention. Chris and Krisha Jeannoutot, owners of Phantom 8 Tattoo in Englewood, Colorado, decided it was time that the city had a convention worthy of the rapidly evolving community. Veterans of the industry, Chris and Krisha know what goes into a good convention. They wanted to see Denver host a convention that finally did justice to the caliber of artistry the city houses. Drawing from all of the most popular aspects of other successful conventions and layering on their unique Mile High flair was so appealing that the event attracted over 3000 people in attendance. This year the convention will be held on September 5th, 6th, and 7th, once again at the beautiful downtown Sheraton Hotel is the grand ballroom.

The theme of the convention is the Museum of Skin, a multi-media exhibit that allows visitors to trace the history of tattooing from its colorful beginning right on up to modern day style and culture. The museum is comprised of classic images of tattoo antiquity, glass display cases filled with vintage and indigenous implements of body modification, seminars on tattoo history.  Tattoo enthusiasts will love the exhibition. For its historical and aesthetic value, it draws a large and varied crowd. Seeing the line at the museum door sometimes it could be easy to believe there is gumtree free stuff being distributed, but the big draw is simply the tattoo exhibition in all its glory. A demonstration will be facilitated by Airick, a custom traditional hand-poke artist, who will be exhibiting one of the earliest methods of tattooing, one poke at a time. Other seminars presented include a machine-building workshop taught by Josh Ford, and an industry specific bloodborne pathogens course.

Vendors, many of whom will be local, will show off their extraordinary wares and services. The vendors will include live silk screening, cupcakes, local fashion, eccentric toys, art, global artifacts, body jewelry, tattoo removal, and more. The convention will even have it's own salon, 3 Little Birds, to beautify all in attendance.

The main entertainment will be provided by an astounding steampunk circus staring the Handsome Little Devils. Table Dave will be providing tabla rhythms for live painting. Roaming vaudevillians will keep even those getting tattooed entertained!

Don't forget the little ones! Goofy Gil's Kids Corral will also be there, complete with temporary tattoos, face painting, games, prizes, and a tattoo coloring competition. It is important to Chris and Krisha that the convention be family friendly so that all ages would be able to enjoy the tattoo culture.

If that all wasn't enough, the Denver Tattoo Convention strives to dig even deeper by making this the first officially GREEN tattoo convention. With the help of Whole Foods, ECO Products, Dr. Bronners, and Colorado Carbon Offset Fund, many products have been replaced with environmentally sound alternatives. Educational materials are offered to artists showcasing ways in which shops can revamp their outdated and ecologically reckless products and practices.

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