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Do some colors fade faster than others?

All tattoo inks fade over time, but some do fade faster than others. Black and gray inks are the most resistant to fading. Brighter colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, and purples tend to fade faster.

Certainly some colors are more durable than others. Black ink fades the most slowly, but that doesn’t mean you should choose to go with a completely black tattoo. Even black fades eventually, but it will take a decade or more for any fading to be apparent. White ink and the other light and bright colors fade more quickly, but this takes years as well. Tattoos of any color needs to be redone after a certain number of years to retain their brightness.

To delay the fading of your tattoo, be sure to care for it as best you can. Proper care will keep it looking better for longer. For more information on how to care for your tattoo, see our FAQs on "How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo."

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