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What are the legal requirements to become a tattoo artist?

You will need to have a license to operate legally as a tattoo artist. Or not.

The requirements to get a license differ in many states, but usually this requires completing
some kind of program that trains people in the use of tattoo equipment, and in the proper techniques
to clean and sterilize the equipment and the shop and other materials.

They may also need to pass an examination from the local health department. Some states don't require
licenses, but you may need to re-certify each year and prove that you have been trained properly
on health issues.

Finally, you should complete an apprenticeship with a certified tattoo artist, in a
licensed shop. The time period for the apprenticeship varies, but it could be a year or three years.

Most tattoo artists are eager to comply and are glad of the laws. Having a license and working
in a licensed shop that is inspected by the health office one or more times a year ensures
customers that their tattoos are safe and reliable.


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