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tattoo art receives ~200k unique visitors to the frontpage/month.
There are three basic kinds of banner spaces
that are available to showcase your site and studio:

  • Your Banner on Top!
    Obviously the most effective banner of all!
    The normal sized banner max = 480 x 60. If special sizes are needed,
    we'll accommodate you., just inquire.
    The Rent for the top banner space is $ 175.00 per month.
    Order 6 Month andget 1 Month Free.

  • Your Banner in the Navigation bar!
    The size of the banners you can place there have a fixed height and width of 125pxl.
    As shown on the left.
    The rent for banners in the navigator bar, is $85.00 per month
    and only $425.00 for 6 months.

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