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Big News...!!!
Tomorrow we will be launching the new version of

Find it hard to find the right design.....? We know!
That's why we are currently working with many tattoo-artists and shops
to create a user friendly web-site and community, that will deliver just that:
A place where you can always find plenty inspiration for your next tattoo!

We are hard at work at it, so please be patient and keep checking back!

Check out our new site and how it will work in the future!
Tattoostudios and Artists! Add yourself to our new database for free! Since we are under heavy reconstruction the information you enter will not be online instantly but as soon as the new and improved site is up and running it will. So please be patient. Thank you.

Are you a bad ass tattoo artist and got a kick ass portfolio?

Send us your pictures and we'll advertise them for free with your name, studio and email and latest prints to help you attract the attention you deserve.

Good artists deserve good representation.

Do yourself and us a favor help us built our database and help yourself to built your business.

We need good tattoos. We've seen some lame and some that are definitely in the game.
Are you in the game? Let your work speak for itself.

"Do you know any good tattooartist in my area?" is one of the most asked questions we get.

Help others find you.
Help us to answer them with yes.

more info.....

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