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What You Should Know about Mythical Dragon Tattoos

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What You Should Know about Mythical Dragon Tattoos

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The many different dragon tattoos from Chinese culture differ from those found in Japanese culture; each one has its own meaning. Let's take a look at some different dragon tattoo ideas and what magical powers they all symbolize.

Read on and find out which of these legendary creatures you should get from your favorite tattoo artist to suit your unique art style.

Different Types of Dragon Tattoos

There are many different tattoo designs, and a variety of tattoo art styles to choose from that can make the perfect tattoo. You can see tattoos of these powerful mythical creatures in many Chinese art history books as well as on the skin of many historical figures.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

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Dragons were first reported in China's ancient history and have greatly influenced Chinese Mythology. Chinese dragon tattoos have a much deeper meaning than just aesthetic design.

These tattoos symbolize power, longevity, strength, and good luck while also providing protection. In Chinese culture, people saw dragons as good creatures that were there to help them rather than to cause harm.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

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Japanese dragons play an important role in their culture, and the Japanese Emperor was once believed to be a descendant of a dragon. These are a sign of protection and of bringing luck to anyone wearing it on their body.

Elements like water and waves, which symbolize life and the natural habits of a Japanese dragon, can also be included in Japanese dragon tattoos . While dragons are usually water creatures, they are also associated with wings, and flying dragons can be seen in ancient pictures.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo

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Celtic dragons are considered guardians of the secrets of the universe and are depicted in ancient Celtic art. Many people favor Celtic dragon tattoos and prefer wearing them on their backs and upper arms.Dragon tattoo sleeve

These dragons are not seen as evil or bad but rather as symbols of power and strength. These Celtic dragon tattoo designs were also very powerful and spectacular tribal tattoos used through the ages.

Small Dragon Tattoo


Small dragon tattoos are considered one of the best dragon tattoo designs to use if it is your first tattoo. These tattoo designs are a good choice if you don't want to or are not allowed to have a tattoo visible on any part of your body.

Even small tattoos of dragons symbolize power and strength regardless of the size of the actual tattoo. Different colored dragons can be designed to be small, and a baby dragon can symbolize a wish for little to no obstacles in life.

Black Dragon Tattoo


If you want a larger dragon tattoo design, black ink is a good option and will look amazing on any body part. Black dragons make for beautiful dragon tattoos, symbolizing boldness and a positive attitude.

Most people with these tattoos say that it underlines their attitude towards life in general and their own feelings. It is also appreciated for the mythical powers it symbolizes and emits.

Bearded Dragon Tattoo


While dragons don't really exist, their closest relatives are lizards with the same symbolic meaning as dragons. A tattoo of a bearded dragon also symbolizes fierceness and wisdom, among many other spiritual meanings.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo


In many different cultures around the world, this type of tattoo is used in tribal-style pictures to represent different tribes. Tribal dragon tattoos symbolize a spiritual connection between a group of people from the same culture.

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo 

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The yin and yang symbol is a very important and prominent token in Eastern cultures and depicts the two sides of energy.Chinese dragon tattoo meaningThis symbol, combined with a dragon, symbolizes their connection with the balance of these different energies.

Other Types of Dragons

While these tattoos are popular among many cultures, other types are prominent among tattoo enthusiasts. Below is a list of some of the best dragon tattoos available in any tattoo style:


Blue dragons, green dragons, Eastern dragons, along with all of the abovementioned dragons, all have a deeper meaning.

Whether from Asian cultures, a dragon circling another token, or even a full dragon sleeve, all dragon tattoos symbolize wisdom and strength.


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