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Butterfly Flower Tattoo

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Butterfly Flower Tattoo

Butterfly and flower tattoos are two of the hottest tattoo designs out there right now. They are popular with many different kinds of people and you can see great designs of each all over social media and in tattoo studio portfolios.

However, they are nothing new. Both butterfly and flower tattoos have been around since the dawn of tattoo time, since sailor and wartime tattoos. And that’s a good thing. It means you are picking a design that people have loved for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come.

butterfly flower tattoos

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Butterfly and Flower Tattoo Meanings

butterfly and flower tattoo meanings

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There are some different meanings behind butterfly and flower tattoos, they very often mean different things to different people and cultures. Here are some of the most significant meanings behind each type. 

Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

  • Change and Metamorphosis: A butterfly tattoo is a common symbol of going through growth and change. Just as a butterfly evolves from a caterpillar, a butterfly tattoo can be used to show your own evolution.
  • Femininity and Beauty: Butterflies are very beautiful and elegant insects, with attractive patterns on their wings. As such, tattoos of butterflies are often used to symbolize beauty, especially that feminine beauty.
  • Remembrance of a Loved One: In many cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of the other side. Seeing a butterfly can mean a loved one from the other side is sending you a message and so butterflies can bring comfort to a lot of people in this way. Many people get butterfly tattoos in remembrance of a lost loved one. 
butterfly tattoo meanings

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Flower Tattoo Meanings

Daisy: Daisy tattoos stand for innocence, loyalty, and purity. They are flowers often associated with childhood and fond childhood memories. 

daisy flower tattoo ideas

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Forget-me-not: A forget-me-not flower tattoo is often used to remember a loved one who has passed away.  

forget me not flower tattoo ideas

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Lily: Lily tattoos are very common and well-loved. They symbolize natural beauty, new beginnings, and all things fresh and lovely. 

lily flower tattoo design

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Lotus: The lotus flower is a popular Buddhist symbol that stands for purity. It also symbolizes resilience, rebirth and new life, as the lotus flower is said to be able to grow even in murky waters.  

lotus flower tattoo ideas

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Peony: Peony tattoos hail from both Chinese and Japanese culture and they are one of the most influential flower tattoos out there. They are said to be both signifiers of strength and good fortune, making them a great tattoo to have with you for the rest of your life. 

peony flower tattoo ideas

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Rose: Rose tattoos are probably one of the most classic and well-known tattoo designs. Rose tattoos have been around as long as tattoo machines have and they don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon! Many people get rose tattoos simply because they are a classic and they look good but the original meaning of the rose tattoo is love and passion. An extra bonus. 

rose tattoo ideas

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Sunflower: A sunflower tattoo is commonly used to mean happiness, joy, and longevity. It is also used to represent the sun and good times to come. 

sunflower tattoo ideas

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Best Butterfly and Flower Tattoo Styles 

There are lots of unique ways you can get your very own butterfly or flower tattoo. Here are some of the styles you can check out to make your choice.


traditional tattoo ideas

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There is nothing quite like a black butterfly tattoo done in traditional style. Traditional butterfly tattoos have been around for decades and they look awesome.


Realistic butterfly and flower tattoos are the perfect choice if you love nature, color and vibrancy in your tattoos. You can get a real work of art with this style. 

realism tattoo ideas

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watercolour tattoo ideas

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If you want a beautiful and unique blue butterfly tattoo (all the rage right now) or some classic red roses, watercolor tattoos can be an awesome choice for you.

You’ll want to make sure you get the right tattoo artist who can really pull off this style with skill and expertise. Once you do, it will look incredible.

Fine Line

fine line flower tattoo ideas

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Tiny butterfly tattoos are very chic right now, so are tiny flower tattoos. If you want something delicate and understated, looking into fine line tattoos is a great direction to take. 

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