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Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

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Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

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The dragon and the phoenix are two of the most popular mythical creatures featured in tattoos. They can be depicted alone, but when they are depicted together, they create a drastic, energy-filled tattoo that is often rich in color and detail, if not always.

Dragon and Phoenix Meanings

The dragon and phoenix are mythical creatures important in Japanese and Chinese tattoos.

The phoenix represents strength, resilience, rebirth, renewal, and overcoming difficulties. The dragon, on the other hand, usually represents power and wisdom, although its meaning differs all over the world.

They are similar to the yin and yang symbol , creating a sense of balance between them.

Best Dragon and Phoenix Styles

There are many dragon and phoenix tattoo designs, featuring everything from a dragon and blue phoenix tattoo to a dragon and small phoenix tattoo, and they always depict mythical creatures. Sometimes they appear in harmony with each other; sometimes, they are almost in a battle.

Simple black outlines

The simplest forms of this dragon phoenix tattoo feature both the dragon and the phoenix in a simple tattoo. They usually face each other, but with their tails entwined, no other colors are used.


These tattoos have less detail and more abstract forms. They almost look like a pattern from afar until you look closer and see what they are depicting. They are depicted with or without colors and often in the Asian style.

Color rich

This tattoo style is often quite large, though it doesn't have to be. It gives the artist freedom to create a large, bold, and dramatic tattoo. Other tattoos are bursting with color, covering the entire chest, back, or torso.

Best Designs for a Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

If you're looking for dragon and phoenix tattoo ideas, here are some of the best designs that we have come across to give you some inspiration:

Dragon and phoenix alone

dragon and phoenix alone tattoo ideas

There's no backdrop to this tattoo. The dragon and the phoenix face each other again, almost in a dance, but the emphasis is on their forms. (Credit: @carztattoo)

Bold colors

bold colors dragon and phoenix tattoo

This explosion of color features the dragon on one leg and the phoenix on the other. Everywhere is covered in color for a truly dramatic effect. (Credit: @laura_musiccitytattoo)


Harmonious dragon phoenix tattoo

This tattoo takes a different take on the theme, with the dragon and phoenix boasting beautiful colors, including rich reds, blues, and purples. But they face each other in harmony, and the yin and yang symbol highlights this sense of balance. (Credit: @nikita.jaded.tattoos)

What Are the Best Places to Get a Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo?

There are many places to get this tattoo, and here are some of the most popular you can choose:


dragon phoenix tattoo on arm

The arm is a favorite for the dragon and phoenix tattoo. It's easy to show off anytime but can be hidden by sleeves if you prefer. (Credit: @dotty_ginger)


dragon and phoenix tattoo on torso

The torso is the perfect place for the dragon to curl and bend, as in this example. (Credit: @nicole_inkart)


The back is another popular place for these tattoos. There is lots of space to go all out, and this tattoo's simple and bold style is dramatic. (Credit: @the_art_of_yivah)

Where to Buy

Choosing the right artist for your tattoo is very important, and there are many things to consider.

Here are some of our top suggestions to get you started:

Other Tattoo Ideas

Not sure about the dragon phoenix tattoo design? Looking for more dragon tattoo designs for inspiration? We've got a selection of guides that you might find interesting:


This tattoo is one of the most popular designs in the world. Whether you want it in the style of a Japanese phoenix tattoo with a dragon or something else, it can be as simple or dramatic as you want it to be, allowing for a huge amount of self-expression. These tattoos are rich in meaning and have a perfect sense of balance.

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