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Elephant Tattoos

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Elephant Tattoos

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The very popular and versatile elephant tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body, and all have different meanings. From just the head to a simple elephant tattoo to a complicated realistic one are all equally striking anywhere on the body.

We look at this type of body art your tattoo artist can apply to your skin and what it all means. While there are many elephant tattoo designs to choose from, you must carefully plan where to place them.

Walk with us through this exploration of the meaning of elephant tattoos and where to place them.

Types of Elephant Tattoos

While there are many different elephant tattoos to choose from, we look at some of the more popular ones used in many cultures. Following is a list of elephant tattoo design ideas and what they mean.

Mandala Elephant Tattoo


The Mandala elephant tattoo has a two-fold meaning with the mandala, a configuration of geometric symbols, and the elephant itself.Mandala elephant tattoo design

In the Hindu religion, the Lord Ganesha is portrayed with an elephant head and symbolizes wisdom, success, and new beginnings. These elephant tattoos with mandala shapes portray Indian culture and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Simple Elephant Tattoo


Although just a simple elephant tattoo design, this outline of an elephant head is great for a minimalistic look.Simple elephant tattoo designBecause of its versatility, this elephant design is an unforgettable tattoo if it is placed at the place on your body.

The elephant outline tattoo is also an easy and simple way to portray these gentle giants.

Small Elephant Tattoos


Small elephant tattoo options are a great option for an elephant design that can be placed on various parts of the body. Because small elephant tattoos are easily recognized, they can be placed on any part of the body.Small elephant tattoo design

Sometimes these small tattoos are placed behind the ear because they symbolize patients, wisdom, and loyalty. You can also place a small elephant tattoo on your hand or shoulder for the same symbolic meaning.

A baby elephant tattoo is also very adorable body art that can be placed anywhere.

Cute Cartoon Elephant Tattoos


The cute cartoon elephant tattoo is also a great piece of body art to portray these giants from the animal kingdom.Cartoon elephant tattoo designYou will find this tattoo design on the bodies of many tattoo enthusiasts, and it can be used with big and smaller tattoos.

Bigger tattoos of this type of body art can be placed on the back, chest, and upper arm or shoulder.

Realistic Elephant Tattoos


A realistic elephant tattoo on any part of the body can be an unforgettable piece of art that everyone can appreciate.Realistic elephant tattooA realistic elephant tattoo has grown in popularity in recent years and can be seen on the bodies of many people who love these amazing animals.

A realistic elephant tattoo can be quite difficult to do and needs the hand of an expert to complete such a detailed design.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo


A watercolor elephant tattoo will always be an eye-catching piece of body art that will draw attention anywhere.Colorful tattoo with elephant head A watercolor tattoo provides an animated and sparkling display of the largest land animals, and elephants symbolize many different things.

This powerful tattoo made from watercolor ink provides you with brightly decorated artwork that will be seen by everyone.

Geometric Elephant Tattoos


The geometric elephant tattoo has been a popular artwork for many years and is becoming even more popular.Geometric elephant outlineGeometric shapes are used to draw the different parts of the animal and add a futuristic look and touch.

The geometric design gives elephant tattoos a unique look and displays especially well when these decorative patterns are combined with elephants.

Elephant Family Tattoos


Because they are very family-oriented animals, tattoos of elephant families are very popular among those who are likewise orientated. These detailed elephant tattoos portray the family members, starting with the chief animal and smaller elephants following the large animal.Elephant family tattoo ideas

Fathers devoted to their family members can get this tattoo to show they are just like elephants are to their families. An elephant arm tattoo of this type is quite popular and can also be placed on other body parts.

Baby elephants symbolize the addition of a new member to the family and can be done in different styles. Some people also prefer two elephants, and others prefer hand tattoos to ward off bad luck.


These are only some of the most popular elephant tattoos; others like native Asian elephants and white animals are also popular. Buddhism elephants play an important role in that religion, and Hinduism elephants are important to those following that faith. A large tattoo or a small elephant tattoo has a much deeper meaning than just the art. 

Looking for more tattoo ideas? Look no further than the list below! These tattoos are all inspired by some of the most popular tattoo artists.

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