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Fish tattoo

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Fish tattoo

{Featured image credit: , Jumping fish tattoo by Deborah Pow inked on the side}

Fish tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs around. These are beautiful, graceful creatures that many cultures have revered for centuries.

Whether you believe in astrology or love fishing, a personal fish tattoo can symbolize various meanings. The design can be simple or complex, colorful or black and white, realistic or abstract. No matter what connotation you attach to your fish tattoo, it's sure to make a splash.

Fish Tattoo Meanings

Depending on the culture, fishes are often associated with positive qualities like strength, courage, determination, and good luck. 

Since fishes live in water, they can represent calm and serenity. They are a living embodiment of strength and determination, as they have to fight against the current to swim upstream. Some cultures associate these creatures with wealth and abundance.

Fishes have religious significance too. They are considered an auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. 

Best Fish Tattoo Styles

A talented artist can do a fish tattoo in various styles, including realist, neo-traditional, blackwork, and watercolor. They can be small or large, depending on the preference of the person getting the tattoo.

The use of bright colors and bold lines is common in these fish tattoo designs. And you will often see them adorned with other elements, like flowers, shells, and seaweed.

Best Designs for Fish Tattoo

When choosing a fish tattoo design, remember a few things. Think about the meaning that you want your tattoo to have. Do you want it to be a simple design or something more detailed?

Also, determine if you want it to represent any specific meaning. Some popular choices include goldfish, koi, and salmon, which have mythological and religious significance. 

No matter which fish tattoo ideas you choose, make sure they are a stylish addition to your body art collection.

Gold Fish Tattoo

Credit: minitattoo_studio / Instagram

Goldfishes are considered good omen and a symbol of peace and happiness. The little fish here shows beautiful details in vibrant colors. The colorful fish will bring good luck to your life.

Trout Fish Tattoo

Credit: matthewlimberstattoo / Instagram

Love trout fishing? Why not celebrate your favorite hobby with a beautiful tattoo? Done in the traditional style, the deep colors and thick lines make the trout look like a good catch. 

Pieces Fish Tattoo

Credit: annakust_tattoo / Instagram

When you are a Pisces and believe in astrology, this two koi fish tattoo seems to be made for you. Set on a Pisces constellation, the koi fishes swimming among lotus flowers represent life's natural follow and progress.

Blue Koi Tattoo

Credit: Kurt Brown / The Gallery Tattoo Studio

Blue koi fishes stand for peace and serenity in Japanese culture. Bring these qualities into your life with this stunning arm tattoo. It features a detailed design and bright colors that stand out on any skin tone.

Yin Yang Fish Tattoo

Credit: Tattoos Boy Girl

The artist of this tattoo has cleverly used fishes to depict the yin yang symbol. It's a great tattoo design where the fishes in opposite colors symbolize balance in life. What Are the Best Places for Fish Tattoos

While there are big fish tattoos, most people like them small. This makes them an excellent choice for body parts like the wrist, ankle, or even behind the ear. However, their placement can be nearly anywhere on the body. 

Fish Tattoos on the Thigh

Credit: studiobysol / Instagram

The tattoo is simple and elegant with stunning watercolor effects and sure to turn heads. The artistry of this design is so on point. With some splotches at the tails, the artist creates the illusion of two fish swimming in the water.

Goldfish on the Ankle

Credit: annakust_tattoo / Instagram

The sketch-style tattoo features incredible dotwork and linework details. The chubby little goldfish around the ankle looks super cute. 

Back Koi Fish Tattoo

Credit: Rebels Market

The backside seems to be the perfect canvas when you want large tattoos. Bring personal growth, strength, and purity to your life with a koi fish and lotus flower tattoo covering the entire back.

Tiny Fish Tattoo Behind the Ear

Credit: Tattoo Filter

When you want a small fish tattoo, behind-the-ear looks like a great spot. The Siamese fighting fish will help overcome bad patches in life since it symbolizes fertility and good fortune.

Where to Buy

There are many places where you can get a high-quality fish tattoo. A reputable tattoo artist with experience doing fish tattoos appears to be the most logical choice.

Only a talented tattooist can create something beautiful from even half-cooked ideas. If you are looking for some quality work, check these studios:

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Fish tattoos are a versatile and popular choice for body art. They can be used to symbolize a wide range of things, from religious beliefs to personal meanings. Many eye-catching and cute fish tattoo designs are available, but you can also get a custom tattoo. 

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