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Paw Print Tattoo Designs

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Paw Print Tattoo Designs

There's no better way for animal lovers to pay tribute to a beloved pet or furry friend than with a paw print tattoo. Whether you want a playful trail of muddy paw prints crossing your wrist or a big cat paw tattoo inked next to a silhouette of a tiger, your tattoo artist can incorporate the paws and claws you love into your design.

Dog Paw Prints

dog paw prints tattoo

Credit: @rebeccahunsbedt

Dogs are the world's most popular pets, which is why dog paw tattoos are equally popular. Dog paw tattoos imitate a dog's paw and can be a permanent reminder of a beloved pet. The tattoo artist can create the design using black ink or add colors to make it more vibrant.

Watercolor Paw Prints

watercolor paw print tattoo

Credit: Cuded

Watercolor paw print tattoos are a beautiful and colorful option for those who want a unique design. This style incorporates the use of watercolor techniques to create a more abstract look.

The tattoo artist can blend different colors to create a beautiful, flowing effect that mimics the look of watercolor paintings. This design is ideal for those who appreciate the artistry of tattoo designs and want to express their love for their dog or cat in a creative way.

Paw Print with Name

paw print with name tattoo

Credit: Cuded

Adding a name to a paw print tattoo is a popular way to personalize the design. This design can include the name of a pet, placed either above or below the paw print, depending on the preference of the wearer. It's a great way for a dog owner to remember a beloved pet.

Paw Print Heart

paw print heart tattoo

Credit: Cafe Mom

A paw print heart tattoo is a popular design that symbolizes love and loyalty. This design incorporates a heart shape with a paw print inside or with a heart-forming part of a dog's paw. This design is ideal for those who want to show their love and affection for their pet or express their loyalty to a loved one.

Paw Print Infinity

paw print infinity tattoo

Credit: Spoken Hand Tattoo

A paw print infinity tattoo is a unique design that symbolizes the eternal bond between a pet and its owner. This combines the design of the paws with an infinity symbol as a representation of the ever-lasting bond between a pet and an owner.

Paw Print Trail

paw print trail tattoo

Credit: Cafe Mom

A paw print trail tattoo is a popular design that symbolizes the journey of life. This design incorporates multiple paw prints that form a trail. It's playful and reminds you of a set of muddy paw prints tracked through a house or leaving an imprint in the sand.

Paw Print Mandala

paw print mandala tattoo

Credit: Honeybramble

A paw print mandala tattoo is a beautiful and intricate design that combines the simplicity of the paw print with the intricate detail of a mandala.

This is quite a detailed tattoo and symbolizes the spiritual world and the cycle of life. It's a great reminder that our pets will always be with us, even after they've gone over the rainbow bridge.

Paw Print with Roses

paw print with roses tattoo

Credit: @moonytattoo

Combining a paw print with roses is a popular design that symbolizes love, loyalty, and beauty. This striking black ink tattoo by Moony Tattoo combines a dog paw tattoo with traditional roses, making an impactful statement about a pet's love for its owner.

Paw Print with Wings

paw print with wings tattoo

Credit: The You

A paw print with a wings tattoo can symbolize the freedom and innocence of a dog or wild animal or can represent the angel wings of a pet that has passed away. This sweet tattoo features a halo and two angel wings.

Paw Print with Quote

paw print with quote tattoo

Credit: Tattoosboygirl

Adding a quote to a paw print tattoo is a popular way to personalize the design and add meaning. This design is ideal for those who want to express their emotions and feelings through the power of words.

Paw Print with Face

paw print with face tattoo

Credit: Tattoosboygirl

You can add the face of the animal you are trying to commemorate to your tattoo for an innovative and emotional tribute. In this paw print tattoo design, a dog lover has added their best friend's cute nose and eyes to the tattoo, but you can incorporate your pooch in any number of ways.


Paw print tattoo designs are a great way of remembering or honoring your cat or dog or any other wild animal you admire. Whether you choose something big and bold or cute and small, a paw print tattoo is a meaningful reminder of man's best friend and our connection to the natural world.

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