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Tiger tattoo

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Tiger tattoo

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When it comes to tattoos, there are all sorts of different designs and styles to choose from. But if you have a knack for something unique and eye-catching, you might want to consider a tiger tattoo.

Tattooing a tiger is the perfect way to show your wild side. Tigers are fierce, powerful, and majestic creatures. Even if you don't connect to its characteristics, get one tattooed on your skin for aesthetic purposes. 

Tiger Tattoo Meanings

In many countries, the tiger is seen as a symbol of royalty, power, and generosity. The fearless creature and its tattoos can represent strength, courage, dignity, and ferocity. 

Tigers are also often seen as a symbol of good luck; their tattoos represent good fortune and prosperi ty. Many people also treat the animal as a symbol of protection, so the tattoos could be a talisman for warding off evil spirits.

The tiger is a prominent figure in Japanese culture and Indian mythology. The Royal Bengal tiger is the national animal of India. It depicts Yin energy and the protector of the dead in Chinese folklore.

Best Tiger Tattoo Styles

There are several suitable tattoo styles for tiger tattoos. Traditional tiger tattoos are usually extensive and very detailed, with solid lines and bold colors. They can be very impressive and intimidating, making them perfect for people who want to make a statement with their body art.

Traditional Japanese tattoo designs are another excellent choice. These tattoos often feature tigers in more realistic and naturalistic settings. A tiger watercolor tattoo also looks good with its soft, dreamy colors.

Any tattoo style that emphasizes the tiger's powerful form and striking features will look great.

Best Designs for Tiger Tattoo

A tiger is undoubtedly a beautiful animal, so any tattoo that captures its gracefulness is bound to be stunning. The powerful predators can convey this strength and a deep spiritual significance.

We've put together some tiger tattoo designs that you may find intriguing: 

Chinese Tiger Tattoo

Credit: Body Tattoo Design

A white tiger is a symbol of the planet Venus in Chinese myths. It appears only during the rule of a virtuous king who loves peace. 

Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Credit: jessebrittentattoo / Instagram

This fearsome tiger foot tattoo is one in the Irezumi style. The prominent yellow color in this tattoo indicates prosperity and joy, while the red patches stand for passion and liveliness.  

Half Head Tiger Tattoo

Credit: Mini Tattoos / Twitter

When you want a minimal tiger tattoo with a twist, go for a half-head. The tiger hand tattoo is done in the dotwork style, making it look exciting and unique.

Reggae Tiger tattoo

Credit: jessebrittentattoo / Instagram

A perfect tattoo for a reggae lover who connects a tiger's independent nature and fighting spirit with the music genre.

Tribal Tiger Tattoo

Credit: Segerios

A roaring tiger in prominent tribal motifs creates an amazing tattoo. The use of bold, black stripes illustrates the tiger's power.

What Are the Best Places for Tiger Tattoo

You can get a tiger tattoo practically all over the body. Depending on your preference, some areas may feel more suitable than others. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Tiger Tattoo on the Arm

Credit: berathaykiran / Instagram

The tiger sleeve tattoo features the royal animal stalking through tall grass. Its muscular body and sleek fur rendered in intricate detail are beautiful and intimidating. The arm tattoo is easily visible but not in-your-face.

Tiger Tattoo on the Back

Credit: Tattoo Filter

A tiger tattoo on the back symbolizes protection, in the sense that someone is watching your back. 

Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Credit: jessebrittentattoo / Instagram

The leg is a good choice if you want a big and bold tattoo. This style gives off feminine energy by pairing the tiger with a rose and diamond. 

Tiger Forearm Tattoo

Credit: matheusntattoo / Instagram

The tiger rose tattoo is an incredibly detailed dotwork-style tattoo on the forearm. The use of flowers makes the tiger generous and protective instead of ferocious.

Where to Buy

Whatever design elements you choose to include in your tiger tattoo, pick a skilled tattoo artist who can render the image accurately and beautifully. With some research, you can find a studio with experienced artists.

Whether you want tiger eyes, paws, or a baby tiger cub tattoo, a skilled tattooist can help you get what you want.

If you trust our recommendations, try these services for the best tiger tattoos and animal tattoos:

Other Tattoo Ideas

We have some suggestions if you are not looking exclusively for tiger tattoo ideas but want to explore other animal-themed designs. 

Here are some other tattoo ideas for different animals:


Tiger tattoos are popular among people looking for a design with deep meaning. There are many different styles, motifs, and themes to choose from, and each tiger represents a different meaning. Whether you want a tattoo that represents power and strength, or one that is simply beautiful, there is a tiger tattoo design out there for you. 

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